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Intellectual property protection is critical when it comes to fostering innovation. Piracy, counterfeiting and theft of intellectual property assets pose as a major threat to all American businesses. Without the protection of ideas, businesses, and even individuals could risk not reaping the full benefits of their inventions. We offer a range of legal services related to intellectual property protection. The list of services herein is not exhaustive. Please call so as we can discuss your IP needs. 361-806-0070.


A patent is an exclusionary right from the US government to keep others from making, using, selling or offering to sell your claimed invention. Patents allow you to profit from ideas that you have. Protection provides you or your company with the legal right to exclude others from the marketplace without your consent, or paying a royalty or ongoing licensing fee. Guarding your intellectual property rights through US patents is an important way to maintain your competitive edge in the current economy, since ideas are the core value of most businesses. Different types of US patents are available, including plant patents, utility patents, and design patents. Deciding which patent is right for you can be difficult. Certain deadlines must be met to avoid losing patent rights. At Ochoa and Associates, PC we work to secure and preserve your intellectual property rights, helping you with the patent services you require, including patent searches, applications, patent maintenance, and more.

Copyright law protects works of original artistic expression that are fixed in a tangible form. It extends certain protections to the authors of "original works of authorship" (often times referred to as a "Work"), which include musical, literary, artistic, dramatic and certain other intellectual rights (such as software code, vessel hull designs, and architectural plans). Because of common law as well as governmental registered rights, protection for and enforcement of copyrights is complex and fact dependent. While copyrights help protect the work of musicians, artists, poets, and authors, everyday business components may also need to be copyrighted. Creative components of businesses, such as solicitation emails and letters, architectural and engineering drawings, photographs, website designs, music, computer software, sales brochures, graphic images, and advertising are examples of what can be protected under copyright law. Copyright registration is important for enforcement, and we can help individuals and companies register their creative work or creative business components, ensuring they have the copyright protection they need.

A trademark is that word or logo which represents a source of origin for your product or service. There are common law trademarks and registered trademarks. Trademark protection is important for a new  companys’ brand identity, or product name, but many inexperienced entrepreneurs don’t realize how important it is to secure the rights to business and product names until it’s too late. Before launching a new patented invention, business, service, or product, it is essential to do a trademark search and obtain clearance for your trademark. Unfortunately, companies often spend a lot of time and money on product or business promotion, only to find out that another company is already using their mark. Ochoa and Associates, PC is experienced in dealing with trademarks, and we can help your business obtain the protection you need.

Before launching a new invention, business, service, or product, it is essential to do a trademark search and obtain clearance for your trademark.

Contract disputes over intellectual property often happen, which is why it is important to have clearly drafted agreements that ensure that all parties understand their obligations and rights. At Ochoa and Associates, PC we are highly skilled in drafting and negotiation of technical agreements, including for example, joint development, confidentiality, and license agreements.